Decision Making Drives Performance in Every Organization

I recently read an article by Arianna Huffington, “Restoring Our Faith in Leadership,” where she states, “… it’s clear that our current model of leadership sorely needs a refresh.”

Decision making drives performance in every organization.

Every employee comes to work every day and makes decisions that impact performance.

The workplace has many temptations that employees must resist, from the petty impulse to claim credit for someone else’s work, to the unscrupulous lapse of lying in a negotiation, to the criminal act of misrepresenting financial numbers.

These decisions define the corporate culture.

The leadership team must make use of every means available to them to influence and align every employee’s decisions with the goals of the organization to drive performance. Whether it’s JP Morgan, BP or federal programs such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, etc.


About zethics
CEO and founder of zEthics, Inc. Thirty years of experience with finance and accounting background in public private sectors.

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