You have to give more than you take away


In the February 20th article in the New York Times ‘Xerox’s New Chief Tries to Redefine Its Culture’, Adam Bryant stated, “She (Ms. Ursula M. Burns, the new CEO of Xerox) wants its 130,000 employees to get over the past, take more initiative, become more fearless and be more frank and impatient with one another to ratchet up performance.”

Sometimes the best way to redefine a company’s culture is to shine a light on the problems.

“BY all accounts, Ms. Burns, who is 51, has never been shy about speaking her mind. It’s how she wound up working alongside Xerox’s top leaders at an early age.”

Perhaps more companies should encourage employees to speak their mind and participate in the success of their company. 

Ms. Burns’ leadership and courage in redefining Xerox’s culture is truly admirable. 

zEthics is relying on corporate leaders like Ms. Burns to leverage their most valuable resource – their employees – to speak their mind and to be heard. 

After a second financial crisis in a decade, employees are the key to restoring public and investor confidence in American Capitalism.

A sample report outlining how Xerox’s employees can speak their mind is available online at:


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CEO and founder of zEthics, Inc. Thirty years of experience with finance and accounting background in public private sectors.

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