Too Big to Disclose

According to the Associated Press, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York pressed American International Group Inc. to withhold details of controversial deals that funneled billions in bailout money to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

The January 7th article continued, “E-mails provided by Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, show lawyers representing the New York Fed asked AIG to remove the information from a draft financial disclosure.“

We’ve all read about companies that are too big to fail, but are some companies too big to disclose?

A group of finance and accounting professionals have created an alternative that would prevent U.S. publicly traded companies from circumventing disclosure rules and regulations aimed at protecting investors and the public. 

Their online information service,, is designed to alert investment professionals about governance issues of U.S. publicly traded companies that may have the potential to affect shareholder value, or, have a negative impact on earnings expectations.

Investment professionals gain acceptance and trust in publicly traded companies through extended visibility beyond public disclosures, and receive early warning of fraudulent behavior that may impact earnings.

To avoid being blind-sided by fraud and misconduct, officers and directors of public companies gain extended visibility into the company and its management team.

Has the time come to stop relying on federal regulators to protect investors and the public, and take a serious look at viable free-market alternatives like


About zethics
CEO and founder of zEthics, Inc. Thirty years of experience with finance and accounting background in public private sectors.

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